Who we are

ECIL is a membership organisation representing and supporting disabled people who live and work in Ealing. It was formed as a charitable organisation in 2002. Most of our funding comes from the London borough of Ealing and Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group.

We are run by disabled people for disabled people: over 75% of our Board are disabled. We operate from three main sites and have 8 full-time equivalent staff, as well as volunteers. In 2015-16 our turnover was £352,000

What we believe in

We believe there should be ‘nothing about us, without us’ - disabled people should be in control of their own lives, organisations and choices.

Our work is based on the following core values and principles:

  • We support the Social Model of Disability philosophies at our core.
  • We champion inclusion and equality of opportunity all.
  • We believe disabled people should be enabled to reach their full potential and achieve independence.
  • Campaign to make sure disabled people’s voices are heard.
  • Challenge attitudes and perceptions to create an inclusive society, free of discrimination.
  • Work in partnership.

ECIL staff team covers:

  • Lido Centre, 63 Mattock Lane, Ealing, London W13 9LA
Chris Thomas

Information & Advice

Languages spoken: English & Italian

Rasila Mehta

Information & Advice

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Urdu & Gujurati

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