The people with overall responsibility

Governance and Management

ECIL has a Board of Trustees, consisting of no more than twelve trustees. We also have observer membership, which allows people to attend the Board for a year, to find out whether it is something they want to do.

In this capacity, they have no voting rights. The Board meets quarterly. Under the constitution, Full Members of ECIL must be disabled people.

There is an Associate Member category for our able bodied supporters.

Lynne Armstrong - Chair

Lynne joined our Board in November ’16. Lynne has a very strong background in Health and Safety, Risk Management and training.

Theresa Mullins - Treasurer

Theresa joined the Board in July 2018 and was appointed as Treasurer in August 2018. She was Governor for a few years at Acton High School. Until May 2018, she was a Councillor of Ealing Council. Theresa has a keen interest in children/ young adults with disabilities and autism plus their families .

Board of Trustees members

Alan Cook - joined our Board in October 2017. Alan brings extensive experience of the NHS to the board.

Louise K - has extensive experience in music as a healing medium. She also brings with her knowledge of event management, data analysis and campaigning.


There are currently no Observers.

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