The people with overall responsibility

Governance and Management

ECIL has a Board of Trustees, consisting of no more than twelve trustees. We also have observer membership, which allows people to attend the Board for a year, to find out whether it is something they want to do.

In this capacity, they have no voting rights. The Board meets quarterly. Under the constitution, Full Members of ECIL must be disabled people.

There is an Associate Member category for our able bodied supporters.

Lynne Armstrong - Joint Chair

Lynne joined our Board in November ’16. Lynne has a very strong background in Health and Safety, Risk Management and training

John McNeill - Joint Chair

John joined our Board in October '15, bringing a strong level of experience of the NHS and also Board of Trustees work.


Position to be filled.

Board of Trustees members

Wendy Starkie - Wendy is a former Chair of ECIL and was elected in that position on 19th November '15. Wendy became disabled following a car accident and is a wheelchair user. She has been involved with our organisation from its inception. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise, both as a disabled member of ECIL and as a carer. She leads on Small Fundraising projects.

Lesley Kaye - joined our Board in October ’17. Lesley brings HR development experience to the board.

Alan Cook - joined our Board in October ’17. Alan brings experience of the NHS to the board.


There are currently no Observers.

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