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Hi Wendy and all,

We are into the final week of the pedestrian audit of the Make Uxbridge Road Safe! audit so I want to have one last push at getting as many of your members to complete the survey.

As you may know I was one of the joint founders of this campaign and, despite being a cyclist, I quickly impressed on my colleagues that we need to be addressing the needs of wheelchair users and pedestrains before cyclists. I have heard some really interesting views from you, Wendy, and others such as Sian and Erika pointing out defects that I didn't realise existed.

I would therefore love it if you can put the survey and the message on your website and/or forward this email to all on your mailing list. The more wheelchair users that take part the greater the voice and the more likely change can happen to make the road less challenging for you. Can I, please, encourage you to lead the way and click on the link below and fill in the survey about improving the quality of the Uxbridge Road:-

Uxbridge Road Safety Campaign

The survey is all part and parcel of Ealing Council's £6, 000,000 commitment to make the Uxbridge Road safe for all vulnerable road users in accordance with its pledge in December 2017 following the tragic death of a female cyclist at the Lido junction in West Ealing.

The survey wants to especially hear about how the Uxbridge Road could be made safer, more attractive and more alluring from a pedestrian viewpoint. The survey is particularly topical as last night (Tuesday) a pedestrian was knocked down outside Cudi's, in West Ealing. I don't know what her condition is.

Another audit has already taken place for cyclists needs, so if you do cycle please only answer as if you were using the road as a pedestrian.

The survey closes next Monday. You can add as many locations as you like, and return to the survey as often as you wish.

I do hope you get round to taking part in it. My thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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