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There are two categories of membership

Full members take an interest in the governance of the organisation and support it by attending meetings, such as the AGM, and voting in the annual election of the Committee. In the event of the organisation being wound up, full members are expected to pay £10.

Associate members contribute to the organisation in whatever way they can and keep in touch with the organisation, attend events, use our services, but do not wish to become full members.

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As a member of ECIL, you can be part of the disability voice in Ealing.

Active members

One of ECIL’s roles is to facilitate consultation with disabled people and carers in a variety of ways. If you join us as an active member, we may approach you for your views and ask if you would like to participate in campaigning and consultations.

This could be anything, from joining a Partnership Board or a lobby at the Houses of Parliament. We hope you will choose to be an active member.

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Equalities Monitoring

Your co-operation in completing the following equalities monitoring form would be greatly appreciated as we need to know that we are being inclusive.

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