Young Adult Carers

ECIL services runs a project specifically for Young Adult Carers. The aim of the project is to support Young Adult Carers (YACs) aged 16-25 through their transitions to adulthood all whilst looking after a family member or friend. Through the project, we hope to help YACs feel confident in their caring role and also feel confident enough to make important decisions in their lives without feeling guilty or unable to do so.

  • Lack of recognition and respect of their caring role
  • Problems at school - poor attendance, achievement and not being able to complete homework
  • Problems moving into adulthood - further education and employment
  • Isolation and a poor social network with children of similar age
  • Lack of time for leisure activities
  • Being Bullied and stigmatised
  • Feeling guilty conflicts between their own needs and those of the cared for person and other family members

Important facts about YACS

  • 24% YACs say they cannot afford to go to college or university
  • YACs are 3 times more likely not to be in education, employment and training
  • YACs provide £5.5 billion of unpaid care per year
  • There are over 314,000 YACs in England and Wales

On the right is Keisha, a Young Carer, giving a speech at the Ealing Carers’ Centre conference at the University of West London in Brentford during Carers’ Week 2016.

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